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by Rod Dunne on February 9, 2010

Thanks for visiting the Golf Holidays Portugal Guide. We have taken the time to organize information that can help you to learn about the various golf holidays in Portugal that are available. If you’re looking for golfing holiday options for the Algarve or other regions then you have come to the right place.

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An Overview of Golf Holidays in Portugal

by Rod Dunne on February 27, 2010

Portugal is widely regarded as the hidden gem of European golf. Portugal has grown in popularity over the last decade due to its ample choice of courses, year round good weather and range of accommodation.


The three main regions for golf holidays in Portugal are the Algarve, the environs of Lisbon (the capital city of Portugal) and the island of Madeira.

Each offers a different golfing experience. Lisbon and the Estoril coast region offers the fullest range of accommodation price-wise, combined with the wonderful backdrop of the Sintra mountain range and all the usual array of dining options you could expect from a modern European capital.

Generally considered a very safe option for a golf holiday Algarve, in the south of Portugal, offers an abundance of courses to choose from, and for every type of budget. Moreover the southern Portuguese coast benefits from a balmy Mediterranean climate that ensures all year round golfing is possible. Of all its areas, the courses and range of hotels around Vilamoura are some of the most popular – quite justifiably given the beauty of the region and standard of courses and hotels that are available.

The island of Madeira (a small island 500 kilometres due west of the Algarve in the North Atlantic) is a different proposition. It prides itself as a paradise island location and it is truly that. For the avid golfer, this island provides 3 exceptional courses to play. So, while it doesn’t have the breadth of course choices to offer, it can definitely provide for an idyllic golf location for those seeking something different.

The Oeste region is the final region in Portuguese golf to note. Unfortunately, it is playing catch up with the other more commercialized areas in Portugal. Some golfers will welcome the tranquillity of the region and the relative exclusivity it therefore has to offer.

Green fees

Cost of green fees are variable. For quality courses you are looking at €50 minimum for a round of golf. The average cost for 18 holes though would be closer to €75 to €90 a round. Note, we have omitted the US dollar equivalent for these costs as exchange rates can fluctuate vastly over time. Generally, a round of golf can be booked online with many courses and there are now various service providers online offering this tee times booking service, sometimes at a discount to the ‘turn-up’ fee (cost if you just walked in for a round).

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